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Human security and emergency jobs for peace and resilience/ Experiences through partnership between Japan and the ILO for the promotion of decent work agenda in the context of fragility.

2022/8/22 (Mon)17:00-18:30(JST)
Decent Work
Type of Event
Online Webinar
International Labor Organization (ILO)/Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


Africa enjoyed two decades of dynamic economic growth with increased employment opportunities.
However, due to the restrictions under COVID-19, and other factors such as the increase in commodity and fuel prices resulting from the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the continent's chances of economic recovery have been hindered, and unequal access to decent jobs and social protection remains one of the most pressing issues.
The ILO has been supporting the developing countries for the past 50 years through the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) to address unemployment, underemployment, poverty and various related social problems. The EIIP assists stakeholders in each country to formulate, implement and evaluate comprehensive policies and programmes on public infrastructure investment in order to promote employment, particularly in situations of conflict, disaster and other emergencies.
Japan has supported the promotion of decent work through quality infrastructure development, human resource development, and cooperation on occupational health and safety.
The ILO/EIIP and Japan have been collaborating on capacity building on labour-intensive construction methods (LBT) and are expected to continue to deepen the cooperation for the promotion of decent work in Africa in the future.

Key Questions

  • Effects and lessons learned on job creation and human resources development through public investment in infrastructure development in fragile situations such as disasters and conflicts.
  • Measures to promote decent work.
  • Deepening the partnership between the ILO and Japan to promote employment-intensive investments.


This event will allow exchange of knowledge and experiences on the use of local resources and employment-intensive strategies for inclusive and quality infrastructure development in the fragile context of Africa.
It will discuss the approaches and opportunities for increasing employment impact, skill development, private sector development, capacity building, community engagement and responding to crises and strengthening resilience in fragile situations, with an overarching theme of promoting decent work in such contexts.
Opportunities to further the partnership between ILO and Japan will also be discussed.


Ms. Martha Newton
Deputy Director General (DDG) for Policy of ILO
Mr. Toshiyuki Nakamura
Senior Vice President, JICA
Representative of Madagascar, Ethiopia, Mozambique

*The deadline for registration is 9:00 AM, Monday, August 22 (Japan time).