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Japan-Africa Science Innovation Week on the Occasion of the TICAD VIII Research Cooperation in Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) for Sustainable Development Between Japan and Africa - Equal Partnership and Inclusive Collaboration – Day 2

2022/8/25 (Thu)17:00-19:00(JST)
Type of Event
Online Webinar
Hosted by:Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)/National Research Foundation(NRF;South Africa)/Co-hosted by:JICA/In association with Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT), Department of Science and Innovation (DSI)


Africa is developing at an unprecedented speed, which brings unique challenges and opportunities. Sustainable growth requires the responsible application of science, technology, and innovation (STI), driven by Africans for Africa. Though geographically and culturally distant, Japan already has several decades worth of experience leveraging STI to stimulate growth and has much to offer as an STI cooperation partner.
Therefore, we at the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) recently helped to create AJ-CORE, a multilateral equal-partnership research funding program linking Japan, South Africa, and African countries participating in the Science Granting Councils Initiative. By connecting researchers across three or more countries, we can unite diverse talent to tackle challenges that are important to both Africa and the world. Alongside this, we are continuing our SATREPS program and are working in tandem with official development assistance funds to promote joint research in core development fields with results that can quickly lead to practical implementation and benefits. In this session, we will share experiences of AJ-CORE and SATREPS from the perspectives of both researchers and funding agencies, explore paths for the future, and look toward building better programs for everyone.
This event will attempt to address the issue as part of "Japan-Africa Science Innovation Week" and the "Japan-Africa University Exchange Conference" conference held on August 22nd.

Key Questions

  • What are the best methodologies and practices of the collaborative research programs (AJ-CORE and SATREPS) from the perspectives of both researchers and funding agencies in both Japan and Africa?
  • How can we widen the scope of Japan-Africa cooperation through these programs (AJ-CORE, SATREPS)? What expectations are there?
  • How can STI strengthen Japan-Africa cooperation in future? What role should each country play?


In this workshop, we aim at exchanging information, sharing best methodologies and practices, and identifying common challenges and goals related to promoting partnerships in STI and a shaping a more sustainable world.


Director, Department of International Affairs, JST
Mr. TAKATOI Shunsuke
Senior Director, Office of STI/DX, Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA)
Prof. ISODA Hiroko
Director, The Alliance for Research on the Mediterranean and North Africa / Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba(Japan)
Associate Prof. YASUOKA Hirokazu
The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University(Japan)
Prof. Lala Razafinjara
General Director, The National Center for Applied Research and Rural Development (FOFIFA) (Madagascar)
Prof. Tunde Victor Ojumu
Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) (South Africa)
Mr. Frehaileab Admassu
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Ehime University (Japan)

*The deadline for registration is 17:00, Wednesday, August 24 (Japan time).